• Luminous Regalia 900

    • Inbuilt Lithium-Ion battery becomes the most reliable element in Regalia as it provides longer battery backup support as compared to lead acid batteries. The li-ion battery is child-safe and supports a life cycle of up to 10 years. Capacity- 900 VA, Rated power- 540 W
    • Regalia with its solar-ready feature suffices your every daily energy requirements. During long hour power cuts, the solar & grid power energy adequately stored, provides seamless power sustenance for uninterrupted power feed
    • Regalia is Wi-Fi enabled and the inverter can be easily managed through a Mobile App for switch between back-up time, charging time or for configuration. This helps to keep track in the advancement of the inverter through a simple touch
    • The feature of being wall mounted massively differentiates Regalia from its counterparts as it is a unique & uncommon characteristic. Installation of Regalia is effortless and easy. Rich in its aesthetics and reflecting sound elegance, this beauty is a special treat for the eyes
    • Touch screen display takes the awe-inspiring inverter to the next level. Along with a neat and clean exterior, this is no-ordinary power backup system when we look at its adequacy in terms of its functioning and configuration
    • Regalia comes with 24-month warranty on home UPS and 60-month warranty on its Li-Ion battery, rightly assuring unbeatable performance and higher reliability
    • Service and installation are the departments one needs to be least worried about while installing Regalia, be it at the comfort of your home or office space. The experts are at your service regarding your smallest query
    • Regalia has an inbuilt terminal for the Li-Ion batteries. These batteries come with Terminal Protectors & ¬†Battery Management System to ensure maximum safety for the users against surge and short circuit protection
    • Along with 15% higher efficiency in battery backup and zero maintenance features in its credibility, this inverter speaks volumes in terms of being nature friendly. Energy efficiency is synonymous with Regalia

    Luminous Regalia 900


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