• Luminous Eco Volt + 1650

    • Powerful thermal management system to auto-cool or shut down system depending on temperature.
    • Inbuilt water-level sensor indicating battery water requirements.
    • Promotes longer battery life with automated holiday mode and no-load shutdown.
    • Charges battery quickly with 3 selectable current settings and even at low current availability of 110 V Mains AC.
    • Saves battery consumption and life with advanced battery maintenance systems.
    • Offers four layers of protection: Overload with Auto Reset, Battery Reverse Polarity Protection, Ultra-Fast Short Circuit Protection and Batter Deep Discharge Protection with Reset Option.
    • Uses FSW technology for long-term life and efficiency.
    • There are visual indicators for Charging, Eco Overload, Battery Electrolyte Level, Low Battery Level and ON Mains.
    • There are audio alarms for Battery Over Voltage, Short Circuit Trip, No Load Shutdown, Battery Low Pre-Alarm, Battery Low Trip, Overload and UPS ON.
    • Overload, battery-deep discharge, ultra-fast short circuit and battery reverse polarity protection.

    Luminous Eco Volt + 1650


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